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AfriCert (Pty)Ltd – Accreditation Status with South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)

“AfriCert (Pty) Ltd being accredited means that we have been assessed against internationally recognised standards and we as an organisation function to the highest levels of quality and best practices. This accreditation provides our customers with the additional assurance that the certifications we provide are both credible and impartial.

This additional accreditation reduces the risk to you plus your customers, and gives you the complete confidence that we at AfriCert (Pty) Ltd have been independently evaluated for our competency and performance capabilities”

Our accreditation provided by SANAS. Please click here for more information under Accredited Organisations / Certification Bodies

About us

Est. 2000
The company was formed and started trading July 1st 2000 with the specific purpose of offering a completely independent management system certification service that is based in Southern Africa.

The management system has been designed to ensure that the principles espoused by ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 are adopted for all of AfriCert’s activities.

The management system is designed to provide confidence to all interested parties. Examples of interested parties are as follows :
  1. clients
  2. client’s customers
  3. governmental authorities
  4. non-governmental organisations
  5. consumers and other members of the public

AfriCert (Pty) Ltd Procedure Request:

    Mission Statement:

    AfriCert provides cutting edge Accredited Certification Services that are Internationally recognised in a diverse scope for small, medium, and large businesses that remains progressive, at competitive rates.

    Vision Statement:

    AfriCert remains dedicated to being a Multi-National Certification Body that will continue to provide already Internationally recognised Certification Services.

    We will achieve this by 2031, through:

    1. Ensuring that all aspects of a client’s Certification needs are catered for;
      • Being accredited to Certify all required Standards.
      • Providing training to enable clients to implement their ISO systems
    2. Having an established brand that is recognised as being one of the best.
    3. Expand our footprint into Africa and accessible markets.

    We dedicate ourselves to these Values:


    Openness and honesty


    Quality (knowledgeable, competent, and high performing)


    Avoid conflicts of interest


    Accomplished and dedicated

    Cutting Edge:

    Pioneering and trailblazing/progressive

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