ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015
Status: Up to date

Quality management system

The purpose of this standard is to help organisations to provide products and services that meet all relevant customer needs or expectations and comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. An organisation can achieve these important objectives if it establishes a Quality Management System and if it continually tries to improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of this system. But how relevant is the ISO 9001:2015 standard to my business?

The adoption of a Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 series is a strategic decision for the organisation to help improve its overall performance or compliance requirements and works as a baseline for sustainable development initiatives. The standard continues to be a guideline and therefore is flexible to the extent that it can be integrated into any organisation. Internationally, it is the quality standard guideline of choice.

The standard focusses on risk-based thinking to help identify possible factors that could affect business processes and its ability to consistently delivery products and services against the requirements. The Quality Management System ultimately acts as a preventive action tool, to achieve its intended results, enhance desired effects, prevent or reduce undesired effects and identify opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of the ISO

What it brings to your business


  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Increased stakeholder and customer trust
  • Business growth opportunities


  • Reduces the likelihood of fines or prosecution
  • Helps you comply with relevant legislation and helps make sure you keep up-to-date

Risk Management

  • Ensures information is protected, available, and can be accessed
  • Identifying and navigating risk and opportunities
  • Ensuring for the availability of necessary information, be this as documented information or knowledge

Business Management

  • Increased business operational performance for more efficiency and productivity
  • Increased quality performance on products and services
  • Resource management
How it works

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