ISO 45001:2018

Status: Up to date

Health & safety management system

The purpose of ISO 45001:2018, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System is to help businesses to protect and enhance their most important asset; their people, to drive business excellence. This new standard can help with increased organisational resilience through proactive risk prevention, innovation and continual improvement. Strengthening of legal and regulatory compliance whilst reducing business losses. It demonstrates brand responsibility by committing to safe, healthy and sustainable work. One global occupational health and safety system for all businesses, of all sizes.

The adoption of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System to the ISO 45001:2018 series is a strategic decision for the organisation to help improve its overall performance or compliance requirements and works as a baseline for sustainable development initiatives. The standard continues to be a guideline and therefore is flexible to the extent that it can be integrated into any organisation.

Implementing a Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018) will help you take into account the obligation as an employer, the overwhelming legal framework around Occupational Health and Safety in the work place and it ensures your commitment with these requirements together with achieving a stronger overall H&S company culture. Ensure you have measures in place to protect your workforce, stakeholders, supplier and clients (Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility).

Benefits of the ISO

What it brings to your business

Client Reach and Satisfaction

Reputation, satisfaction and trust is better with stakeholders,
Shows corporate and social responsibility,


Reduced likelihood of fines and prosecutions,
Lower your insurance premiums and provide financial benefits to the company,
Demonstrates compliance to customers, suppliers, and regulators,

Workplace Safety Improvement

Reduces workplace accidents and illness which will cut related costs and downtime,
Clear visibility throughout the organisation on best practice will reduce risk on accidents,
Better control of OHSMS risks and improved health and safety metrics,
Less downtime on production if illness and injury are prevented,
Gives methodologies to identify potential causes of accidents in the workplace


Health and Safety culture could be improved throughout your organisation,
The workforce will understand their responsibility towards OHSMS,
OHSMS motivates staff with better, safer working conditions,
OHSMS shows the workforce your commitment by looking after their wellbeing and keeping them safe from any harm,
Provides a system to identify OHSMS hazards and minimise health and safety risks.
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