ISO 22301:2019

Status: Up to date

Business Continuity Management Systems

The purpose of ISO 22301:2019 is to help organisations to establish and maintain a Business Continuity Management System; which is a set of interrelated elements that organisations use to manage and control Business disruptions / impacts. These elements include all of the policies, procedures, processes, plans, practices, roles, responsibilities, resources, and structures that are used to manage these risks and to protect against business disruptions.

The adoption of a Business Continuity Management System is a strategic decision for an organisation to help consider the influences of its needs and objectives, requirements, the organisational processes used and the size and structure of the organisation. Business Continuity Management System scaled to the size and complexity of the organisation makes it suitable for SME and Large corporates alike.

The Business Continuity Management System focuses on key principles by applying a risk management process and it gives confidence to interested parties that risks are adequately managed. This helps support the organisations strategic direction and performance.

Benefits of the ISO

What it brings to your business

Protection of Business against disruption

Enhance cyber Security and IT Failure Resilience
Supports a company to manage the impact of IT disruption
Competitive advantage, being able to continue to operate during or shortly after a disruption.


Certification assures: Regular assessments, credibility that system can achieve intended outcome,
Gain competitive advantage through showing dedication to Business Continuity,

Risk Management

Risk identification and treatment plan - Reduce risk and uncertainty,
Protect organisational value so you can continue business as usual and minimise disruptions,
Protect business against impact of potential threats


Consistency in the outputs designed to meet stakeholder expectations.
Continual improvement of the Business Continuity Management System
Visible Resilience - Provides evidence to customers of preparedness of disruption. Disruptions can have a significant impact of people's lives as well as financial impacts, including government, healthcare and social services.
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